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Challenges Faced to Live in an RV While Travelling

If you are considering living in an RV, you should definitely read this blog. RVs give you the freedom to do what you want and when you want. But any individual who’s been outside the safety of RV sites for more than a few days knows that there are certain challenges which are unavoidable when it comes to living fulltime in RVs. Longriders RV Park hopes to provide solutions to such challenges with this blog.

We provide RV sites for RV vehicle owners in Edmonton. You can check out our maps and jobsite page to locate our parks. We have many amenities such as:
• Free wifi
• Telephone landlines
• Coin laundry
• Coin showers

Problems You’re Likely to Face
Few of the major RV problems are:

• RV roof leak and repairs
Water leaks are pretty much inevitable when it comes to RVs. Sealants harden and crack with time, no matter how modern or well-maintained your vehicle is.
Water not only stains your RV’s interiors but can also damage its delicate moving parts, cause your metal fixtures to rust and result in short-circuiting.
It’s important to get ahead of these problems by repairing the sealants and cracks to reduce your chances of water leaks before it happens.

• Managing physical space
Moving into a small space can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you are used to a bigger living space. But, in due course, you will get used to RV space.
Keep only what is needed and clear out the rest. You can maximize the storage space with RV hacks and set up processes to help things run more smoothly and efficiently.

• Cooking with fewer ingredients
There are RV owners who spend a lot to cook extravagant meals. This needs more storage to store the ingredients and you may face problems in keeping these ingredients fresh.
You can try one-pot meals, which are easier to cook and need fewer ingredients.

• Maintaining RV windows
RV windows play a big part in keeping the interior of your vehicle nice and dry. But, they are prone to damages. An errant stone that gets flung by a tire from a passenger vehicle can shatter or crack your windows. Constant exposure to dust and other weather elements can also affect RV glasses.
The good news is that resealing or replacing RV windows is pretty easy. All you need is a good RV sealant and a screwdriver.

• RV brake repair
Brake components are known to wear over time as they create friction needed to stop the vehicle. From filling the brake fluid to actually replacing the drums, rotors or brake shoes, you should double-check your brake whenever you get a chance.

Looking for RV Sites?
Longriders RV Park provides parking space for RV owners. If you are in Edmonton and you need to RV sites, ours is the perfect location. We have many RV sites, which are near towns and other facilities. Go through our gallery page to see how good our property is.

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